Papilio de Iustitia is an unofficial Genshin Impact fanzine focusing on the romantic relationship between Yanfei and Hu Tao ✿== Current Stage: Creation period==


Papilio de Iustitia, translating to Butterfly of Justice, will be a fanzine dedicated to the romantic pairing of Yanfei and Hu Tao. It will be SFW, for charity, and will feature both written works and art.


This schedule is subject to change

Interest Check Opens-May 14th
Interest Check Closes-June 3th
Contributor Applications Open-June 15th
Contributor Applications Open-August 8th
Emails Sent-August 12th
Last day to join-August 22nd
Pitches due-September 4th
Last pitches approved-September 9th
1st Checkin (33%)-September 30th - October 2nd
2nd Checkin (66%)-October 21st - October 23rd
3rd Checkin (99%)-November 11th - November 13th
Final pieces due-Early January
Preorders open-TBA

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a zine?
A zine, short for fanzine, is a collaborative fanwork usually centering around a media, character, or in this case, a ship. They usually include page illustrations, stories, and poems, and are sometimes partnered with physical merchandise.
How many contributors are you accepting?
We're planning to accept around 20 artists, 5 writers, and 5 merch artists.
Can contributors have multiple roles?
Applicants will be able to apply for more than one role, however we cannot guarantee you'll be accepted for both.
Will contributors receive compensation?
Should the zine break even, contributors will have the option to receive a physical copy of the zine and buy merch pieces at the production price.
The zine's Twitter account has existed since 2021, and a previous interest check was posted in July. What's up with that?The zine's production was cancelled in the latter half of 2021 because of the former co-Head Mod's personal life. The zine's current Head Mod, Crow, was a General Mod on the project before it was cancelled. They've gotten the consent from both of the former Head Mods to revive this project.More to come!


Mod Belle

any pronouns
head mod (organisation, writing, socials)
hi i'm belle and my favorite game is waifu impact

Past Experience:
Head Mod for Orchid's Gambit: A Yelan Zine
Head Mod for 'at the end of everything...', a Night in the Woods Zine
Social media mod for Sovereigns of the Night: a Genshin Vampire Zine

Mod Ivy

graphics & formatting mod
Hi everyone! I’m Ivy. It’s my first time participating in a Genshin zine (and as a mod for one too!). I hope my graphics would appease our two fire adepti before I either get fireballs thrown at me or spooked to death by a certain mischievous lady (not a bad way to die though since my corpse would be in good hands ¯/(ツ)/¯)

Past Experience:
Graphics Mod for A Tale of Two Cities: An Arcane Zine

Mod Em

shipping mod
here to ship ships once again

Past Experience:
Shipping/Writing Mod for Of Contracts and Promises
Shipping Mod for Teyvat Kids Zine
Shipping Mod for Ad Oblivione

Mod Jiayi

finance mod
i love my pyro girlies

Past Experience:
Head mod for Timeskip: A Daiya Post-Grad Zine
Head mod for Zhongchi Wedding Zine